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He gets his first taste of Asian pussy

Duration: 17m, 7s, Starring Evan Harrison, Richard Walker,

(638 Votes)

He had always heard that Asian girls were the best in bed but he had never had one himself. When he finally met Evan and got her into bed he took the time to fully explore her amazing body. He licked and sucked her pussy until she was begging to give him head then they got into a little 69 fun. Finally he laid her back and eased his missile into her silo. She just about came the second the he was inside her and was moaning and scratching his back up as he thrust over and over deep inside her. When he was ready to cum she pulled it out and used her skilled hands to milk him dry. The rumors were true. This Asian girl was the best he had ever had.

Asian Pornstar Gets Her Tiny Pussy Stretched

Duration: 13m, 57s, Starring Doris Yin, Kyle Stone,

(542 Votes)

There is something magical about watching sweet Asians get their pussies absolutely pulverized by thick cock. So sweet, so petite, and yet so goddamn horny. Doris Yin is your typical short Asian with a huge lust for American cock, so she makes it a point to get her mouth on one of the biggest cocks she can find. She just can't stop at that, even after almost gagging on the huge dong unloaded in her mouth. Her Asian pussy gets stretched to the limit, making me surprised that she is able to use it afterwards at all!

Uninhibited Bisexual Chicks Make Each Other's Night

Duration: 8m, 14s, Starring Laney Rushmore, Penelope Vega,

(593 Votes)

Laney Rushmore and Penelope Vega have reached one of those girl's agreements. They would stop stepping on each other's toes for men, and just work together. Tonight, they are certainly working together a lot...working their tits together, their pussies together, and those tongues together, that is! They both fall under a sapphic spell, working each others titties slowly, long lingering kisses in between touches. They do get very hardcore very fast, with fingers and tongues diving deep into the rich pink petals of their pussies. They will never forget the super sweet treat that they shared tonight...and neither will I.

Four fingers in her lower holes shuts her the fuck up!

Duration: 23m, 24s, Starring China Lee, Elaina Roth, Kyle Stone,

(511 Votes)

Elaina Roth is on the run but Kyle Stone is not someone she has much chance of getting away from. In this scene he tells her to shut up and he gives a whole 'nother meaning to the term 'nailing a hot broad!' She has this high pitched squeaky voice that will make you want to teach her to shut the fuck up and this scene is all about satisfying your urge to do so. Kyle puts her in her place by shoving his fingers in a nasty place of their own... down dark and deep in her misbehaving asshole!

The story in this scene makes the sex even more fun to watch.

Duration: 12m, 53s, Starring Grace Chow, Charles Prince, Mark Manning,

(496 Votes)

So many porn movies these days are shot in the Gonzo style without any plot or context or storyline for the action to make sense within; well here is a great scene that shows why story-driven sex can be so much better when the writer knows what he or she is doing. If you watch this one once with the sound off and then watch it again with the sound on so the action all makes sense you will quickly agree that more movies should be made with sexy scenarios from now on!

Pussy Hair Is A Great Way For a Chinese Whore To Pad Her Box

Duration: 14m, 6s, Starring Jessice Chen, Suzi Suzuki, Charlie Queens,

(888 Votes)

Jessica Chen is a Chinese fuck toy who is small on words and big on sexual appetite. When her man Charlie Queens starts slamming her into the living room sofa one hip thrusting, bone jarring, pump at a time -- keep an eye on her hands and you'll notice instead of pushing him away, she is constantly grabbing at him and trying to pull his dick ever deeper inside her Whoriental box. He fucks her so hard we thought she might try to quit halfway through the scene but her furry pussy hair definitely seems to have softened the blows!

Jen Li Loves Trying New Things

Duration: 15m, 16s, Starring Jen Li, Byron Long, Chris Kilborn,

(864 Votes)

Jen Li has never been with a Black man before. She has never been with two men at the same time either. Well, it seems today is a day of firsts for our little Asian cockstar! Byron Long is as black as midnight and in this clip he teams with Chris Kilborn to knock an orgasm out of Jen's pussy and asshole in a hardcharging DP that will have your dick screaming at the screen with primal excitement! The do her tight holes right!

A Hot Asian Girl Gives Two Guys Number One Sucky

Duration: 14m, 31s, Starring Sharron Oswald, Jack Hammer, Tony Eveready,

(987 Votes)

Sharron Oswald is one horny Asian slut that loves as much cock as she can get her mouth and pussy on. She met two guys and took them home when she dropped down and started sucking both of their cocks at the same time. She sucked one while she stroked the other then switched and sucked the other. They both started fucking her with one in her pussy while she sucked the other. She took both guys in her pussy at the same time and really stretched that Asian pussy out. After they hammered that pussy they splattered her face with giant loads and took off.

She Uses Dish Soap To Clean Out Her FuckSpots

Duration: 17m, 29s, Starring Inga Ranovic, Billy Glide,

(228 Votes)

Chevy Nixon was on his way home from work when he decided he was in the mood for some sex. He called the house and told his whore Inga Ranovic to get up on the kitchen counter and make sure her holes were clean, even if it meant scrubbing her pussy and asshole in the kitchen sink. To a man like Chevy, walking into his house and finding his rental slut scrubbing her cunt in the kitchen is just one more way to get off!

A Private Dick Investigates a Scene and Gets Fucked At It

Duration: 11m, 46s, Starring Leah Redwood, Jeff Henry, Steve Drake,

(1063 Votes)

While investigating a crime scene this private detective gets seduced by the lovely landlady who wants to find out if being a private dick really means that his dick is private. The pushes him down onto the bed and climbs on top of him, making him so horny he forgets all about his work and instead goes to work on her. She has a great set of titties and a hot little mouth she's not afraid to wrap around a cock -- or a dildo. In this scene she does both. While she's getting her pussy plowed with his cock, she sucks on a big, fat sex toy -- increasing both their pleasure!

Two Horny Brunette Babes Share a Nice Hard Cock In This Threesome

Duration: 18m, 1s, Starring Anna Malle, Jocelyn Rosetta, Olivia Linwood, Dallas Walsh,

(377 Votes)

"If you can fuck us really good, I'll remove the curse." this brunette slut says to a well-hung man at her house. That dude practically breaks a finger trying to get his clothes off in record time. The pair of dark-haired hotties rock his world, this has got to be the best task ever assigned someone to break a curse -- getting sucked off by fucked by two stunning sluts. He licks their cunts then fucks them hard until their eyes roll up into the back of their heads and they are reduced to dirty-talking horny sluts. After he taps their ass they all cum. Do they remove the curse? Does it matter?

Jessica Chow Gets Fucked By Three Men At A Time Here

Duration: 18m, 28s, Starring Jessica Chow, Dave Hardman, David Harrison, Ron Jeremy,

(1560 Votes)

Three famous stunt cocks get down to business rocking this petite Asian babe's world. They don't waste any time with conversation or plot but peel her panties off and start fingering her pussy while she sucks on one of their cocks. Soon she's dripping wet and ready for a hard dick between her pussy lips. One after another they take turns punishing her holes until, eventually she is completely airtight with one cock in her ass, one in her pussy and one in her mouth. Still she wants more and they give it to her, eventually spraying her with three hot loads of man juice

Lesbian Jailbirds Become Lesbian Lovebirds

Duration: 17m, 57s, Starring Samantha Berlin, Stephanie Bryant,

(955 Votes)

Two jailbound babes decide that they've been missing out on the male kind for too long now, and do what any decent pair of hot, horny chicks would do in their situation--each other! Samantha Berlin and Stephanie Bryant get naked and get busy, sucking each other's perky titties, and chowing down on some hot, wet cunt! These two get their faces and fingers wet and sticky making sure they each get off!

This Couple Gets In A Little Pre Show Fucking

Duration: 15m, 6s, Starring Carmen Kwan, Clint Forest, TT Boy,

(1190 Votes)

Hot Asian babe Carmen Kwan was hanging with Clint before they headed to the show. She wanted some dick before they went to the show so she made her move and went down on him. She sucked him until he was rock hard then had him eat her pussy out. Her pussy was dripping wet as he put his hard cock inside her tight Asian pussy and fucked her deep. Her toes were curling and she was cumming in a matter of minutes as he plowed away at her pussy. This guy is so kinky he even fucked her in the ass for a minute then she stroked him dry. Satisfied they got dressed and headed to the show.

She Is A Little Brown Fuck Machine

Duration: 16m, 42s, Starring Rebecca Yu Wade David

(668 Votes)

Rebecca Yu proves to Wade why Asian girls are called little brown fuck machines. Her head game is second to none as she shows off her skills at sucking that cock. He then laid her back and licked that hairy box. In her sexy lingerie she spread her legs wide open and let him drop the hammer on her pussy. He pounded that Asian slit like he was nailing wood to a wall. She loved him balls deep inside her then he flipped her over and took her deep from behind and fucked her hard until he was ready to erupt then he shot a hot load all over her tight ass.

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