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A Black Girl Gets Some Thick Ebony Dick

Duration: 23m, 25s, Starring Isabella Cruz, Shorty Mac,

(2222 Votes)

Isabella Cruz was out for a walk on a sunny afternoon when Shorty Mac rolled up in his ride and started talking her up. He took her back to his place and she didn't waste any time pulling his pants down and grabbing his dick. She sucked his fat hog until he was rock hard then he slid that thick tool in her soaking wet pussy. He split her wide open with that dick and made her cum her brains out. As he pounded away on her wet fuck hole she rolled over on all fours and let him go balls deep in her until then he busted a big nut right into her wide open mouth.

Interracial Pickup with Hot Amateur

Duration: 22m, 25s, Starring Sindee Jennings, Shorty Mac,

(4222 Votes)

Shorty Mac is one hell of a pimp daddy - he knows just how to find the white chicks that are in need of a black dick. It's almost like he has a fucking radar or something. This leads him to Sindee Jennings, who just so happens to be sitting around in a dress that's way too short, and a pussy that you can see dripping all the way from across the street. If you think Shorty is passing that up you are out of your mind. He gets her in the car and then starts in on her - this blond number is a real winner for sure.

Two Black Guys Tag Teaming White Pussy

Duration: 19m, 33s, Starring Frankie Vargas, Charlie Mac, Shorty Mac,

(3284 Votes)

Charlie Mac and Shorty Mac do a lot of things together - including sharing a hot piece of ass. Their catch today happens to be Frankie Vargas, who they are more than happy to hump together. Now when I see a piece of ass that fine, the last thing on my mind is sharing it, but I guess these two are just a lot more sharing that I would be given the situation. They make her the meat in their sandwich real damn quick, getting a nice dick suck off of her along with the final prize of her sweet and succulent pussy.

A White Girl Gets Some Black Cock

Duration: 22m, 6s, Starring Fiona Cheek, Shorty Mac,

(1073 Votes)

Fiona Cheeks loves that big dick in her mouth and in her pussy. When Shorty Mac picked her up and took her home she couldn't wait to get on her knees and suck on his dick like it was a medium rare steak. She sucked him until he was rock hard then he spread her wide open and drove his long hard dick deep inside her. She loved the feel of it balls deep in her so he pounded away, flipping her around and fucking her in several positions. He pounded her senseless then finally pulled out and dropped a load of baby batter into her hungry mouth.

Hot White Babe Impaled on Black Dick

Duration: 21m, 13s, Starring Trinity Post Shorty Mac

(2005 Votes)

Trinity Post and Shorty Mac are a match made in heaven. At least, if your idea of heaven is seeing how far a tight white pussy can be impaled on a big black dick. If that doesn't happen to be your idea of heaven, well, you're just deprived and all that fun shit. Anyway, this is one flexible babe, and she absolutely loves getting into every position known to man. I especially like when she's laying right up against his chest, and he's just driving that dick into her over and over again. She makes the most delicious noises in this part.

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