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Manila Exposed 3

Trixy Speared In Her Tight Little Slit

Duration: 19m, 10s, Starring Trixy, Stephen Wong,

(4117 Votes)

Petite Filipino babe Trixy has got the ideal body - extremely slender and nubile - but she's a little bit shy and she needs a dominant man to bring her out of her shell. She brings her man Stephen a cup of tea, setting it down submissively on the coffee table in front of him. She's only wearing a tiny pair of shorts, and the sight of all that bare flesh inflames Stephen's passions, so he reaches out and pulls her down onto the sofa. It's broad daylight, and Trixy is ashamed to show her naked body, but her inhibitions soon ease as Stephen expertly licks her pussy. Then he spreads her hairy pussy lips, sliding in the full length of his prick.

Pretty Petite Asian Screwed In The Barn

Duration: 16m, 43s, Starring Jasmine, Lee Chaolan,

(13892 Votes)

Sexy Filipino babe Jasmine is about to get speared in her tight cunt! She walks into the barn to feed the cows, but she is waylaid by muscular local Lee. At first she is shy, refusing to make eye contact with the stud, so he boldly reaches out and grabs her roughly by the arm, pulling the short skirt wearing babe to his toned chest. Jasmine ends up getting bent over a barrel and screwed from the back, moaning as her drenched pussy gets stretched by Lee's surprisingly large penis. He pushes her down onto her knees, positioning her head just so, so that he can drench her face with his shooting load. This Asian bitch really gets creamed!

Cute Asian Amy Filled With Oriental Dick

Duration: 18m, 1s, Starring Amy Rosal, Kris Cabrera,

(4835 Votes)

If you want the tightest, hottest sex available, you can't go past a cute young Asian babe with a hairy pussy like this beauty, Amy. She goes on a date with her man Kris, and soon the horny couple are lost in each other's arms, kissing passionately. Kris takes Amy back to his crib, where the kissing resumes and Amy boldly reaches down and starts to rub his prick through his shorts. However, Amy is in for a real treat, as Kris pulls down her panties, spreads her legs and starts to tongue her hairy snatch! Then he does her in just about every position; for an Asian guy, Kris has got a surprisingly large cock and it fills her perfectly.

Petite Asian Has Passionate Sex

Duration: 16m, 3s, Starring Ara, Berm,

(4745 Votes)

When you're in the mood for amateur Asian hotties, Ara has got your back. This sexy Filipino is in the mood for a fuck fest unlike any other, and she has quite the body for it as well. She's sexy and slender, and she's sure to make you pitch a tent right in your pants before long. Berm is one lucky guy to be able to stick his dick into this sweet piece of ass. Before long she is going to bring him right to the point of orgasm, and then slam it home so that they both come at the exact same time. It's hot and authentic, and you're going to love every bit of it.

Young Filipinos Banged In The Back Room

Duration: 23m, 28s, Starring Jasmine Joana Kenneth Cabrera Lee Chaolan

(12086 Votes)

Sexy Filipino factory workers Jasmine and Joana abandon their duties for the afternoon in favor of getting fucked in the back room. After some flirting over lunch with a couple of guys who work on the factory floor, they disappear into the back, where no one ever goes, for an afternoon of four way group sex. The girls strip off and lie back on the sacks of rice as their two studs spread their legs and start to plow them. Both of these Asian sluts have got really hot, tight bodies, with out the excess of fat that you normally see on American girls. One hot Asian slut takes the load on her face while the other's pussy gets drenched.

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